What you need to know

The Venue

The ceremony and reception will be taking place at the Laguna Beach Club in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. We ask everyone to be in place by 13:00 p.m for light snacks and drinks before we get to the main event.

Food will be served via a buffet BBQ with plenty of seating areas if your feet get tired of dancing.

The venue address is:

Strandweg 8, 2032 JA, Zandvoort

The Schedule

Ceremony & Reception - Friday, 31.05.2024

The Dress Code

We would like you to come dressed as yourselves. What ever makes you feel your best, bring that. If you require several costume changes, do it. Come dressed to enjoy yourselves and factor in that at some point you will end up in sand or attacked by children or attacking children in the sand.

Wedding Presents

The greatest gift is seeing you there on the day, however, if you would still like to put some money towards the event send us a message and we'll get you our bank details.

Other Information

What's happening the week of the wedding?

Sasha and Silke will be in Zandvoort enjoying the beach and chasing the sunshine all week from 27.05.2024-03.06.2024. We encourage folks to make the most of the summer break and use the oportunity to see what the town and Amsterdam have to offer.

We're staying in a lakeside cabin in Center Parcs and you should too.

What is BrautentfĂĽhrung?

"the bride is kidnapped, ideally in such a way that the groom does not realise. The bride is then kidnapped into a "hiding place" and usually taken to a bar or pub in the vicinity. It is the job of the groom to find the drinking party and the bride and to then settle the bar bill."

Where? How the hell do we get there from the UK?

Car & Ferry

You have a few options depending on where in the UK you are. People in the London orbit can go via EuroTunnel or Dover/Folkestone ferries and drive up. We recommend getting the overnight ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, you then have an easy 1 hour drive to Zandvoort.

People coming from further north can take an overnight ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam (Ijmuden) which is a half hour drive to Zandvoort.

Please note, unless you want to drive around the Netherlands before/after the wedding you wont need a car. Getting around Zandvoort is easy and trains serve connections into Amsterdam Centraal station (EuroStar) and the airport/s.


Amsterdam Schiphol airport is a 45 minute train ride from Zandvoort. If you're not wedded to your car you can easily make your way without one.


EuroStar trains go from London to Amsterdam Centraal. From there you can catch a local train (24 minutes) from platform 1 to Zandvoort. Honestly, this is the easiest and cheapest option, gets you there in 5 hours while you sip cocktails. Due to construction work on the Eurostar terminal at Amsterdam Centraal you will be able to get a train there but from June the service will shut down for a while, so you will need an alternate journey back.

Where? How the hell do we get there from DE?


Type "Zandvoort" into your GPS and pray to the gods of traffic and road construction. If you're coming from Frankfurt you'll be in Zandvoort within 7 hours.


Trains go from Koln/Frankfurt to Amsterdam Centraal. From there you can catch a local train (24 minutes) to Zandvoort.

Zandvoort Town

Zandvoort is a beach town in the Netherlands located 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam. The beach is lined with restaurants and cocktail bars and it is where Silke & Sasha started figuring each other out. The town is full of guest houses, AirBnB's and hotels. If you are traveling with a family there is a Center Parcs to the north of town and we thoroughly recommend you use this as an opportunity for a sunny holiday.

If you are into cars and racing, the world famous racing track is to the north of the town. There are formula one trinket stores in town if you need to stock up on junk.

Amsterdam is a 24 minute train ride away and sports the Rijk Museum, Sasha's two favorite pubs, The Anne Frank House. It's a great city to spend hours wandering around. The coffee shops serve terrible coffee.

Wait, aren't you married already?

Stop asking complicated questions. Put on a hawaii shirt, have a cocktail and chill out.